Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Reading the Syllabus

Slowly making it through the 12 page syllabus for this class... had to look up a techie term AND a for real word! (Iteratively=Repetitively) 

But I'm glad because it gives me a chance to get a head start on some of the assignments. After June 3rd I feel good about saying I can spend 5 hours a day working on this course. I feel that could be a realistic expectation.

If I stay on top of it.

I have to blog and twit and create "digital storytelling assignments" and critique and respond and blog and twit and on and on and I don't even post to Facebook much anymore. And the syllabus says things like: "the future of digital storytelling - and more critically, the future of open learning and pedagogy -"

I am excited about "developing a unique digital storytelling focal theme" - just brainstorming what that could mean:

Growth mind-set
Intrinsic motivation
Goal Setting
Progress Monitoring

I hope I can use TedTalks and NPR stories as sources...

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  1. Hey Bea! I just added some annotations on this post and your earlier on via hypothes.is, fyi! :)