Sunday, June 5, 2016

Excuse me but you have something on your face...

I can't wait to go gray. To look like a matron, a seasoned woman, tough and no-nonsense.

But the light brown or dirty blond hair I have seems to have other plans for me. The short mop top I've got; messy curls, limp/fine locks, surprising responsive to humidity. I grew it out once for Locks of Love because I wanted to do a mindfulness study, if I didn't appreciate my hair who would? Well that was two years of getting to know myself in a way I didn't think it would.

Instead of a silver mane, I'm getting the lines around my eyes (laugh lines). Fine, whatever. But the hard lines around my mouth, from frowning or being mad at students. I wish I didn't have those. Need to find an alternative to injections to make myself love those lines.

The bushy eyebrows (okay, okay, uni-brow I maintain) has always been something I love about myself. The fake glasses I wear so I can pretend to be Clark Kent. My ears are pierced but I don't wear earrings much anymore (been thinking about starting again).

There's an off centered mole on my chin I'll get removed when I get around to it, if for no other reasons than it will make shaving the hairs on my chinny chin chin easier. I also manage a pretty nice mustache for a chic.

But the thing people notice the most about me is the lip ring. "Did it hurt?" It was more scary then anything. "Why did you get it?" Although not as popular a question is important. But I evade talking about it by asking if they have read Peter Pan. You see, Mrs. Darling has a secret kiss, as adults we know this is Peter Pan's kiss from when Mrs. Darling was a little girl and no matter how hard her husband tries he can never get this kiss from her. Well, you see. I had my heart broken and I decided to staple my secret kiss to my face so no one could ever try to take it again.

It is my one feature that gets the most notice, even if sometimes people think I just didn't wipe my mouth after eating.

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  1. I love reading your writing, it reminds of how well read you are and that maybe I should practice reading to become a better writer myself. Your students are so lucky to have someone so well rounded and knowledgable about everything, even if you are not grey and matronly yet..