Thursday, June 9, 2016

Today's ONLY Thursday

It's never too early to Reflect on How Things Are Going:

I feel so exhausted, but mostly that has to do with all the adulting I'm doing up in here.

Clean the bathroom, run the errounds, cook the meals, wash the dishes, flosh.

Read a friend's textbook and give feedback... And Study... And Blog... And Respond...
And Work on Class Projects...

Read your own books... perhaps not enough time left for that.

Exercise, oh, well, oops, maybe someday you can find the time to do this...

Disappointing that the things I know would make me feel better are the things that I don't have time for...


Although it may seem like we are always having to sacrifice things we want to do for things we have to do, we have the power to change that.

MARC CHERNOFF offers 10 simple suggestions on how to make prioritizing your to-do list easier. I don't agree with everything but you can check out my comments using that Hyposis Link / Thing.
Hyposis Link / Thing!?! You don't even know what your talking about! You don't know the Internet, you can't maintain a blog, you have seizures looking at Twitter. 

How are you going to write a paper about goal setting / intrinsic motivation when you can't even focus on getting this blog done without spiralling out into a imagined narrative between your good and bad conflicting qualities?
Excellent questions but I'll pull it together here. See this is about my goal setting, my attempt this summer to adult it up all over the place here. And yes there will be setbacks, but I also don't need you telling me I can't do it.Chernoff's article isn't that amazing but actually making my Hyposis Notes was. It was fun, it was engaging. It's how I would love for students to interact with some second hand required reading. So there I go again, focusing on the positive and getting back in the game.

My first week back to school and I've been an emotional rollercoaster. Feeling confident one minute, counting the seconds before my wife leaves for work so I can focus on "more important things"

        This is of course not true but hopefully we share a similiar discourse where you understand what I'm feeling in this  moments.

I still had to attend a professional development this week, and clean out my classroom, and checkout at the school. Whatever all that means, these are little prioritizes in my life that are vying for my limited resources of time and energy.

I'm not going to restate all my comments from all the other websites I have been on today and yesterday - part of the game we are learning here is how to scavenger hunt for it - but I'm feeling challeneged here. ((Maybe Sometimes Overwhelmed)). But this is a shared experience I am having with a co-worker and two former classmates, people I already know and care about in this course with me. And the 36 other strangers I will get to know as I start reading their comments and their blogs. Crash course. Buckle up. Here we go.

One last thought before I leave you. This is my exit ticket today. This is the high priority/ low priority chart. I like this one because it has important take aways around the outside. I want to talk more about delegation because seeing this today spark some ideas for me. I remember seeing this for the first time when I worked for the library. I realized a pattern from my childhood that I had been using as an adult, my mother lived in the urgent and not important square, to-do lists that covered an entire sheet of notebook paper. She was always busy, but she didn't get a lot done. And I realized because that stuff wasn't always important. The last six years I've been working on prioritizing myself with this method and I think it's gotten me pretty far.

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