Friday, June 12, 2020

It's not been a Month, and I've been busy!

So, the desire for posting is seated in the knowledge that to be successful in reaching your goals you have to be held accountable. The murky internet realm and anonymity it affords is about where my comfort level is, I've shared some things with actual people in my life but in those few cases I haven't gotten any feedback. And that's difficult. But I want to post here more often because that will get me in the practice of writing more often, etc.

I have been busy with some things since last I posted, and I have a few things I would like to share. I needed to remind myself recently that having a few projects on the back burner was a way to make sure I had material to be publishing every few days. But it makes it hard to figure out where to start, or what to do first.

As you may recall I read this book a while ago and it had some inspiring ideas in it...

This graph was something I wanted to try to start using in my weekly planning sessions:

So I made my own chart and used sticky notes to start putting up the things I was frustrated with, either things I have been working on FOREVER (We went to Paris Oct. 2018 and I'm still working on the scrapbook) or things I HAVE to do for work (Schoology is a website that has some District training modules that I need to complete).

It actually helped to see things like this and I spent a week Eating the Elephant that was the Schoology assignments, and then I quickly finished a free course on Love and Logic too.

Fixing the leak in the basement has also been a project I have been working on since Aug/Sept, and I hate working on it. I told my wife part of my problem was that I don't want to do this home projects by myself but with COVID I can't have my brothers come help so I just have to suck it up.

One of the things I added to my board were three roles I play that are important to me, although teacher is a big part of who I am, as of yesterday I am officially on Summer Break so it doesn't feel as urgent as it will again when I go back to work July 28th. But adding the Wife role makes cleaning and home improvement projects more meaningful since it adds value to my contributes. The Blog is part of me flexing my Storyteller muscles and I want to find the right term that will make working out and eating right more meaningful (so far I've got Warrior but that doesn't fit right).

There are things I need to add to this chart, and things I've already added and taken off. For work I was putting off Transition Forms, the End of Year Slide Show, and Summer Packets, but I've finished all that bullshit. I also took off a vague idea for the Love and Logic project. I wasn't even sure what I meant with it so it was time to delete it. The same is true of the Curse of the Good Girl "project" but I will talk about that next time...

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