Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Very Busy Week

When I got back to the hotel yesterday after the close of the conference I fell asleep sitting up in front of the laptop. I just needed to reset. So much info packed into five days, so much extroverted energy and my little introverted self was done, ready to shut down and restart.

I had originally planned this week to reflect on keeping your goals while traveling but what really became important to me this week was just not giving up.

How frustrating the visual assignment turned out to be. And even though we keep reading about how amazing this free exploration is, and the resources of the computer and internet, my thought was that without some reason to keep trying I would have quit.

And maybe asking for help on the internet is easier for other people, I find it even more frustrating. I just want an actual teacher to sit with me and help guide me. But then I'm an awesome student who comes to class ready to learn and engage (humility not a strong suit I must admit). And I do have some killer grit that made it possible to stay in the game until I at least had something to turn in. 

But again, how many people, after hitting all those road blocks, would have kept going? At what point would they have felt demoralized, blocked, hopeless, or helpless?

I feel I am giving my best effort for this class, I have to balance some very unique things this summer but I am prioritizing my responsibilities so that I am meeting all those obligations. I am having fun, even if I find it frustrating. The truth is that teachers are expected to do for their students things that are not done for them in trainings. I will have some guidelines for kids as to which websites they can explore and play with, but then I will also allow them the freedom of choice like this class has offered too. 

When I get home, I'll have ten days before the next life event gets in the way, and I've got a lot of plans on how awesome I can be ;)

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