Wednesday, June 15, 2016

An Ode to the Ideal Woman

I'm sensing a theme in my art this week. Feminity. Objectification. Romance. A mix bag really of cultural expectations and the way I define my own sense of beautiful. The assignment this week was to take two songs and mash them together into a conversation. 

I decided to use Cake's Short Skirt/ Long Jacket and Alanis Morissette's 21 things I want in a Lover. I like the back and forth about what the other is looking for in the perfect partner but I am having issues with How Slow Alanis Sounds HELP!!! Suggestions? I am using Audacity.

Wait, hold on... I'm having major issues now...

The song represents three days of work, and I feel pretty close to done. However, I would love to "fix" the way Alanis sounds when she's singing (too slow?). I'm not very musical, I don't have a lot of practice listening to beats and scales and sounds, and I feel all panic-y when it comes to anything singing/musical but I also love music. All kinds. So I'm glad I picked this assignment but I'm putting it out here early in the hopes someone can offer a suggestion on how I can fix that one little issue I have.

Oh, and then there were the unseen issues with actually using real songs to create this mashup but I think I figured out a way around it here...

Just put the finishing touches on the song and am ready to put it to rest. It was fun and challenging learning how to use Audacity, trying to use youtube videos more to help trouble shoot my problems and I posted on Twitter that I could use some help but not a lot of response or networking when you give such a short deadline.

I think my using powerpoint to photoshop pictures has gotten pretty good and I'm going to try making a GIF. I understand how just jumping into something can help someone learn because you have to problem solve and be more creative, but woudn't it be wonderful if at some point you actual got a lesson or course correction with the programs you are using. Do we have to flounder so much?

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