Thursday, June 9, 2016

To Boldly Go Forward

"When we say that new literacies involve different “ethos stuff ” from that which is typically associated with conventional literacies we mean that new literacies are more "participatory,”“collaborative,” and “distributed” in nature than conventional literacies. That is, they are less “published,” “individuated,” and “author-centric” than conventional literacies. They are also less “expert-dominated” than conventional literacies. The rules and norms that govern them are more fluid and less abiding than those we typically associate with established literacies." Lankshear and Knobel (2007) pg. 9

So I must confess that I started a reflection today that I kind of struggled to get going. In the middle of it I tried some different storytelling approaches and by the time I posted I actually felt pretty good.

And then I started looking at other people's posts and I kind of freaked out. 

Reading Responses, like Master's level thesis statements, my blog looks like something I only spend a few hours a day crafting together from Google Images. I need to start over, I need to reread that chapter and write a paper!

But then I'm reading about recreating what it means to communicate, to connect. And I think maybe that is exactly what I am doing.

My comments in hypothes are my contributions to reading that paper, and I made comments that linked other ideas and connections. But... what I see I need to work on is pulling my sources together better. Like I thought of three specific things I wanted to referrence but then I couldn't find the right thing online so I just used what was available.

So I'm going to stay proud of the work I have done and not compare it to others, but work harder to find the right thing and not cut corners.
stuff ” from that which is typ-
ically associated with conventional literacies

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