Thursday, June 30, 2016

Getting my Post On...

I have just had a hard time getting on a computer these last few days, but I have been busy, busy, busy.

The thing is that MY GOAL this summer had originally been to organize my lesson plans and piles of papers. And since getting back from San Francisco I've just wanted to "nest" and visit these projects I've been nursing for months.

I realized a moment ago that part of the focus of this class (storytelling and finding meaning) I'm already demonstrating with my journal. 

Which took 9 years to develop. 
Which is part of why I don't like this class. There's not enough focus on experience and mastery. 

I'm not a master. 
And I am enjoying learning how to make memes and gifs and developing my storytelling rapport. Which is why I want to be involved in this class, to learn how to make these things for my lessons - for my students. 


  1. Wow... There remind my of like the post secrets.. there so creative I was totally freaking out. I have been really busy too just with life some times as I am doing the projects and freaking out at the same time I wonder maybe I just should have waited . But then my hearts like you have to finish this thing you call school so you can finally move on with life. I feel really inspired with this post my journals always looked sorta like that but not really. You have so much talent practice makes perfect. Keep up the good work

    1. One of my older posts talks about the 9 year journy that has been my journalling. I just wanted to say thank you for the comment. This class has been really challenging/rewarding and sometimes you just need someone to tell you, hey I noticed you. So thank you. And keep up your own journalling, I have students tell me they hate my journals (too busy over stimulating for them) but it gives me a chance to talk about how they don't have to be like me, they just need to discover (sometimes through trial and error) what works for them.

  2. Hi Bea, I just came cross your blog and was amazed by your journals. There are so many great ideas you recorded over the years! I would love to see you to apply what you have into the storytelling class.

    I also hope there are more hands-on stuff for digital storytellings. So far, I am into the DS106 daily creates and the visual/audio/design assignment. I felt I am learning much more from the hands-on assignment than reading(although it does help to deep the understanding of digital literature, they are just too long...)

    Hope to read your next post soon!


    1. Thanks for your comments. I think linking sources together (including past blogs) and capturing more media in my blog will be how I practice applying the things we are learning. The assignments are challenging and interesting and I'm going to adapt them to my classroom (5 chromebooks for 30 students but we will figure something out).